I have been on vacation for the past 10 days, and for me, that lately means not training my dogs.  As a result, they have turned into crazed lunatics with pack mentality, moving as one, listening to none.  I am absolutely over-dogged with four border collies.  I was over-dogged at three.  But it can’t be helped, so I need to get on top of things.

This log is hopefully going to help.  Of course starting it during the holidays means I’m not in my regular routine, so entries will probably be a little erratic for the first week.  I’ll be home by the weekend and will start back to structured training then.  That gives me a few days to organize my goals and approaches for each dog, which I’ll lay out carefully here for future reference.  

Now I have to go exercise them so they will be calm for my parents to care for tonight while I’m out of town.  It’s cold out there today, -25 or so with the windchill, so hopefully they will tire out quickly!