Yesterday was a travel day, and by the time I got home I was just too darn tired to write.  I didn’t get any training in anyway, although I did take the dogs for a hike upon arrival and learned something new: my new puppy thinks joggers are for herding!  Not only that, but if they don’t stop moving just from being headed and eyed, then going in for a grip is a-okay!


We are home, and easing back into our regular routine, so no more excuses for not training.  I start today.  I’ll be bringing said puppy to a busy park and train him around the jogging trail.  I obviously need to put a stop to this instantly.  His behaviour didn’t upset me terribly because it is very common – both Hannah and Mira wanted to herd joggers, cyclists, roller-bladers, and running children at this age.  It’s a very common behaviour (although not sure if it is ‘normal’ or not).  So I’m not concerned in respect to what this means for him down the road – neither of my girls do it anymore, even Mira who would go in for the kill at Finn’s age.  But I do need to put a stop to it before it becomes habit.

To do so I’ll be keeping him on a line and working on some basic training around the trail.  Finn is extremely food motivated (and that’s an understatement) so I’ll start with that, but gradually reduce the value of the reward to make sure he can maintain proper composure even when I don’t have a tempting treat around.