After working with Mira, I went home to get dog #2 for the day, Ross.  However, I had run out of treats so wasn’t able to do much training with him.  Ross is very food motivated, but not much else gets him excited for any sustainable training period.  I mostly worked on basic manners going out the door, waiting on the step, then walking nicely to the park.  Once there we did a few recalls.  Then I remembered I had left supper on high on the stove and had to go home.

By the time I got home it was dark.  As the snow is almost gone, it’s too dark to go back to the fields so Hannah and Finn are out of luck for today.  I will probably take them to the nearby school yard before bed to stretch their legs, but I had to train them in the basement tonight.

With Hannah I worked on her targets.  She’s supposed to be able to do a solid nose touch to the ground for contact work, but it’s not there yet.  I don’t care much for this particular piece in her training repertoire, and it shows.  So I’m trying to fix that.  Hannah will target gently to a small circle of clear plastic at the bottom of several steps, but when I remove it she just bobs her head in the air, not touching the ground.  I went back to the previous step, which is working on getting her nose touch to be intense and solid.   She does a nice solid nose touch to my bare hand, but not to the plastic.  Maybe it hurts her nose…  When I enthusiastically encouraged her to ‘get it!’ and instead of hitting the target, she jumped up and slammed her nose into my nose, as if to say: ‘how do you like it?!’  I guess I know how she feels about this exercise.

After finally getting some really solid nose touches, I switched Hannah for Finn and did a little shaping with him.  We were just getting going when I got an urgent phone call, so called it a night.  At least I did something with each dog today, so that is a step in the right direction.