Where did my sweet, mummy-worshiping fuzzy little puppy go? He’s nowhere to be seen. Instead I have this lanky, silky, big teethed brat with a deep voice and a bit of an attitude who’s pushing 19″ and 30lbs! 

I took Finn out today on his own, for the first time in a week. Wow, what a difference a few weeks of slacking off can make! He’s become very dog bonded and lost a lot of interest in me. Of course this is totally my fault. Finn has been incredibly attached to me since day one, so I have never had to work at our relationship. But letting him run so much with the other dogs over the holidays has changed that. Time for some reprogramming! Fortunately I am back at home, with no yard, so it won’t be possible for me to continue with my laziness.

I started back into our routine today, and spent a good hour out with each dog individually. I am going to need to continue working on Finn’s socialization, as well as his focus on me around distractions. The world is a much more interesting place for this little guy at 5 months than it was a few weeks ago. I need to step up my game to keep up with this little man!

Tonight I also did a little training in the basement before dinner. I just worked on nose-touches with all four dogs. Finn has a wonderful hand touch, but he also includes a lot of tongue! He seems to think that he is to touch my hand, then lick it! I’ve worked a number of sessions now to try and get rid of that lick, by just clicking the nose touch before he can lick (hard to do with that lightening tongue), or moving my hand away quickly. But I wasn’t having much luck. Tonight I tried holding my hand right above his nose so it was difficult to lick, then clicking even the slightest touch. The result: near the end I did get several nose-only touches in a row, but they lacked his former enthusiasm. I suspect I can build that back up easily once I am sure the tongue action is gone.

While on our walk, Finn was less than enthusiastic about working with me. He also decided that cars were for herding, so from now on he will be going out on a halti. Indoors he’s still his super keen little self and we work well together. So obviously I need to work at being more interesting than grass, an embarassing situation to find myself in – once again!