Winter has returned with a vengeance.  I have not done much training this past two days, but I have a good excuse.  It’s been roughly -25 out with the wind-chill and my hands become beyond painful within seconds if I take my gloves off.  And just try to doll out treats with two layers of mittens on your hands!

That said, I have actually taken the dogs out for some really great runs.  I took Hannah and Finn out yesterday to the local school yard to play fetch and soccer.  Finn just chased Hannah, but the idea was to get him to run and so that worked well.  She’s very fast, so he was no competition with respect to getting the ball. But he kept up well and got a good work out.  I don’t like to play a lot of fetch with my dogs, but when there’s a light snow cover that cushions the ground, and when it is this cold out, it’s an easy and quick way to tire them out without anyone getting frost bite!

I later took the other three out together for a bit of a hike.  It was really darn cold, but sunny and refreshing.  I have excellent winter clothing and as long as I keep moving (and keep my mitts on) I do fairly well at staying warm.  I have to watch the dogs closely though as they get ice building up between their toes and it can be painful.  I also worry a little about ears getting frosted, but have never had that happen.  We really don’t stay out that long in this kind of weather.

This morning we had cold weather warnings, specifically about windchill.  A friend picked me up with her dog and we drove out to the woods and hiked in the bush.  It was quite sheltered in there and only about -15, so not too bad.  We were only out for about 45minutes – just long enough to get the dogs to be nice and calm all afternoon while I work.  Tonight we’ll be doing some basic training where it is nice and warm – in the basement!