Yesterday I took the dogs in for their chiropractic adjustments. I have been bringing Mira in every 3-4 weeks since November, and Ross every 8 weeks. I had Hannah adjusted once, but she is apparently in such good shape that regular adjustments are not necessary. I will probably bring her in every 6 months or so, in order to ensure her paralyzed toe doesn’t lead to asymmetrical development. So far, though, so good.

The news was good with both dogs. Ross apparently is doing quite well, and she said he feels pretty good, although we both agree that he could use some more muscle tone. I have been working at building that up in him, but for some reason he doesn’t put on muscle like the others do (yes, worry, worry). We discussed exercise options and she gave me some new ideas. I already do a lot of rear end awareness work with him (moving his hind end independently, backing up etc.), and core strengthening exercises (like having him sit up on his haunches and balance as long as he can). I am taking a rear end awareness workshop based on Susan Garrett’s teachings next week, and look forward to learning as much as I can. These exercises are good for all dogs, I should add, and I do them with all three.

Mira’s report was equally good – she is now going to be moved to an 8 week adjustment schedule. Just 2 months ago I was told she would need monthly adjustments for at least six months, so she continues to respond to this treatment much better than initially expected. Her shoulder and pelvis were still a little out of position and needed tweaking, but otherwise she held her last adjustment well.

This chiropractor travels to my area once a month and has back to back appointments all day long when she comes. So unfortunately she didn’t have much time to discuss the changes in the dogs. But I did ask her opinion of Mira’s improvements and if perhaps she had been in chronic pain prior to treatment. She said that was possible, but also that perhaps “things just weren’t firing right” until she had her spine put into alignment.

I really don’t know anything about chiropractics other than the physical side but my homeopath has often commented on how it helps the life force flow more evenly, and I have heard others report it can have profound impact on many aspects of health. When I have a little spare time, I am going to do more research into this.  I am also going to repeat her current constitutional homeopathic remedy tonight, when her life force should be in peak condition after her adjustment.  She is still skiddish, occasionally reactive and mildly noise sensitive, so all of that still needs work.  One step at a time!