I’ll get back to talking about training next, I swear.  But I wanted to share the following story first… 

Last week, a friend of mine told me that her senior dog was pronounced to be ‘on her last legs’ by their vet.  This astounded me as I saw the dog not long ago, and she looked to be very vital and healthy to me!  When I asked what was wrong, she said the dog was vomiting everything, not able to keep food down and losing weight like crazy.  The vet suspected an obstruction, maybe cancer, or a return of her bloat problems from last year.  This dog had undergone emergency surgery for bloat around 8 months ago, and was considered a “ticking time bomb” as to when it would happen again.

What frustrated me (and my friend) was that the vet didn’t seem to be concerned with WHY?! this dog has gone dramatically down hill.   The onset was very sudden, yet his reply – after a couple of blood tests and an x-ray – was that she was old and likely to die soon anyway.   He seemed to think her condition inevitable, and was resigned to losing the dog in the near future. After all, she’s 13 years old!

Fortunately, my friend was having none of that.  She delved into research, and I gave her what information I had on this condition.  I have fortunately never had to deal with it myself, but had some notes from a homeopathic first aid course I took a while back.  In those notes, the author asserted that in her opinion commercial food was one of the leading causes of bloat, either directly or through generations of genetic damage from poor diet.

When my friend read this, she was dumbstruck.  Indeed, her dog had developed her current condition within 24 hours of starting back on commercial food after having been on a home prepared diet since the first bloat episode.  She immediately switched the dog back to eating real food, and all her symptoms disappeared.  And not a moment too soon, as she had been going down hill so badly they thought they were going to loose her.

Today, less than a week after the diet change, this dog is back to her normal self.  She has regained her weight, the vomiting has stopped and she is digesting well.  Her skin is back to normal, and all other aspects of her illness are gone.  And my friends are now hopeful that they will have their companion for a good few more years yet.  After all, she’s ONLY 13!