Just a quick entry to say I’m still here, although barely!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with work and it has been all I can do to spend time with the dogs and keep them marginally happy.   Writing about it has just not been possible! 

That said, there isn’t much to write about.  I have been continuing with my basement training as it is just disgusting outside with the ground covered in a thick layer of very uneven ice.  The dogs seem to manage running around on it, but I badly hurt my ankle and worry that they could do the same.  I’m actually going to have to go in for x-rays because it still hurts like heck two weeks later.

This week I started up again in agility and Hannah and I are pretty happy about it.  While my coordination is totally off, and she seems to have forgotten how to jump, our basement training actually has proven to be useful in the flatwork.  My instructor spent much of one session getting us to do shadow handling, i.e. running around on the flat (i.e. no obstacles) with the dog staying in heel position as we twist and turn, do front crosses so the dog has to change sides and so on.  Hannah did extremely well and I realized that all that ‘boring’ basement work is going to come in handy.  I took some videos a couple of weeks ago and will post them as soon as I can.

I am also going to start Mira up in agility, possibly beginning next week.  She continues to improve both physically and mentally and is starting to show a desire to actually work at long last.  There’s an intro class right after my class with Hannah, so that will mean only one trip out there a week.  I plan to start building some equipment soon so I can practice at home once the ground thaws.  If that ever happens…

I have not been able to go herding since my last entry because of the ice.  This weekend my instructor is having one of her open handler friends visit for 3 days.  If the sun comes out strongly enough (as it is expected to do) it should soften things up enough to train.  If that happens, I’ve been invited to join them and train with them. That should be very interesting.  They will have me set so they can do double lifts among other things.  Fingers crossed for some warmer weather (it’s supposed to go down to -10 tonight…ugh!)

Nothing else new to report.  Hannah’s fur has grown in on her thighs and she’s looking black and sleek again.  I cut Ross’s thyroid meds down by 50% and he has settled down considerably, and put on some weight.  Very interestingly he is now eating as much as the girls and maintaining a good weight. For the past 4 years I’ve had to feed him 50% of what a dog his size usually eats, so this suggests a significant change in his metabolism.  I still don’t know why, but he’s looking and acting really good so I am trying not to worry and just enjoy.

Hopefully I’ll have more to write about next week.  Happy Easter one and all.