Wow – I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve had time to post.  Then again, there really hasn’t been much to post about.  Life has been crazy and the dogs go untrained.  I haven’t been out herding in several weeks, and only once to agility since I last posted.  So not too much to comment on…

In our last agility class, Hannah and I ran really, really well together.  I was very impressed by how well she reads my body language and takes cues I don’t even realize I am giving.  She and I are really becoming a team and working well together.  I sure hope this continues…we have entered our first trial at long last, which will be at the end of May.  The snow and ice are FINALLY gone (as of this weekend) and classes ended today.  So I’m hoping to start training regularly 2-3 times a week from here on in.  My work-load is still going to be very heavy for the foreseable future, but I’ll try my best.

Perhaps to balance out the really great session I had with Hannah, Mira on the other hand has reverted to her freaky little self.  While our first agility class was really promising, the second one revealed a side of Mira I had hoped was behind us.  She was fearful and clingy and would not allow me to step away from her for anything.  This seemed to have been triggered by someone banging the teeter while I had her in a sit stay and was walking up two jumps to call her through them.  She is not noise sensitive but gets freaked out by inanimate objects that seem to move on their own.  While she had no problem with this the previous class, last week it totally freaked her out.  After that I couldn’t even step over a jump to call her to me, let alone walk away from her to go around one.  ARGH!!!!!!

Now, I’m really hoping this is all because she has finally, at very, very long last, come into heat.  Mira is now 16 months old and in her first heat cycle.  She is definitely being kind of clingy and sucky, and also an outrageous flirt.  She has been “standing” since day 7-8, which is very unusual and a real pain.  By this I mean she will present her hind end and flag her tail for any creature that approaches her.  Ross – my neutered male – is showing me to be more than happy to breed her, and even Hannah has mounted her a few times after Mira spent a few minutes flirting with her.  What a pain!!!

Increased sexual behaviour is linked to rabies vaccinosis and I am going to try repetorizing this to see if I can address this for the future.  I don’t plan to breed Mira, but I also don’t plan on spaying her for probably another heat cycle.  She is the most immature dog I’ve ever met and I really am hoping a couple of cycles will mature her.  I also want to make sure she is fully developed physically prior to operating.  As she has had very slow development on pretty much all fronts, I don’t want to rush into ripping parts out.  Still, to have to keep her cooped up for 14 consecutive days is a right royal pain.  

I really hope she returns to her more confident self when this is all over!!  I must have jinxed myself by being so pleased with how she was progressing…

Of possible interest from a homeopathic perspective, Mira came into heat 4-5 days after I started a new constitutional remedy which includes as part of its repertory, a rubric of “late onset of menses in young girls” as well as very slow development and “dwarfishness.”  I will never know if the remedy brought on the heat cycle, but it is very possibly so.  Considering how much of a pain she is in heat, I’m glad I didn’t try this sooner!