Well it’s been 3 days and the sore on Ross’s back has grown.  It is now a big bald patch on his back, mostly yellow with red edges.  It could be a hot-spot although it’s not oozing, nor is it smelly.  It might also be an infected tick bite as it looks more like the photos in this second link.  Here is what his skin eruption looks like:

The bald part is the sore – the hair fell out on its own, I did not shave the area.  I did, however, clip the long fur around it so that the bald part can receive air to aid with healing.

Now here are two close-ups:


If this is a tick bite infected with Lymes disease, he will need professional treatment to help cure him.  I gave him a homeopathic remedy is strongly indicated for Lymes and also for other forms of infection.  It did help quite a bit and is making Ross feel more comfortable.  The sore is less sensitive after the remedy, and Ross will actually let me touch the area now.  But I don’t think it is curing the problem.  

If this is a hot-spot, then Ross still needs professional homeopathic treatment.  As I wrote earlier, skin problems are in indication of poor health in general, and so we need to get back to treating his overall constitution with homeopathy.  I will post updates as we work through this.