A quick update on Ross.  Ever since dosing him with the Calc. Carb, he’s been doing much better.  Indeed, within seconds of taking the remedy he came out of where he had been hiding for a week and followed me downstairs to his usual spot.  By the next day his sore had clearly started to shrink and was starting to scab over.

It’s now been about 10 days and the sore on his back is completely heeled, although the fur has not yet grown back.  One single dose of the appropriately selected remedy was sufficient to completely cure this skin problem, while vets would have prescribed antibiotics.  I wish more people would give homeopathy a chance, although getting that right remedy is the key, and few people know how to properly prescribe.  Our new homeopath is really wonderful and clearly extremely talented.  But most people dishing out homeopathic remedies have little or no understanding of how to prescribe them, and then they don’t work and the patient loses faith. 

Interestingly, the remedy is still holding for me too.  Ever since I took it I have been able to focus on my work – despite the overwhelming pile facing me every which way I look – and am making slow but steady progress at getting things under control.  I am not sleeping well again, so perhaps I need to redose, or maybe eventually I will need another remedy.  But this one sure helped enormously.  I am even wondering if Ross developed the sore on his back because I need to take this remedy.  As I’ve mentioned, we are extensions of each other’s environment and one can most definitely express the imbalances of the other.  

Ross is also back to his normal self around the house, no longer hiding upstairs in my bedroom.  His drinking patterns have returned to normal as well.  I am seeing some new things, however.  For one, he has developed a strong, musky odor, although that has faded and seems to be going away.  He has also started beating Mira up again on a fairly regular basis.  He had stopped doing this for the last few months, and I’m sorry to see this act up again.  Mira has taken to hiding upstairs now, and I think may be a little depressed.  I will have to include this in my next update, which I will send in a couple of days.