In case anyone’s interested in Ross’s progress, his skin condition has almost cleared up completely.  The sore is long since healed, the skin back to its normal colour, and the hair is even growing back on the bald parts.  In another couple of weeks there will be no more evidence that it ever happened.

I redosed him with the Calc. Carb a couple of weeks ago.  I did this on my own, instead of waiting for our homeopath to suggest doing so as I couldn’t get ahold of her and Ross’s symptoms seem to have been coming back.  Symptoms returning are a strong indication that a remedy needs to be repeated in homeopathy.  

A few days after I gave him the remedy, I woke up to find Ross’s eyes in a dreadful state.  The left was particularly bad, with the lower lid drooping like a basset hound and the inner eyelid half over the eye.  The right eye was similar but less affected.  At first it looked like his eyes were rolling back into his head and I thought he was passing out or having a seizure.  Needless to say, I freaked out.  

When your animal gets sick like this, the first inclination is to take it to the vet.  I wanted to rush Ross somewhere, but where?  What is a vet going to do about this?  I got up to write our homeopath an email, and as I was typing a dog walked passed our house.  Ross jumped up and barked out the window, like he always does.  I stopped to watch.  Very soon it became clear that Ross was behaving perfectly normally, other than having these horrible droopy red eyes.  That made me feel much better.  He obviously wasn’t having a seizure anyway, nor was he passing out.  

When I heard back from the homeopath, she suggested that this was in fact an effect of the remedy.  Remedies often bring out old symptoms as they help expel them from the body and return the life-force to balance.  Ross has always had eye issues, mostly them being very red (a clear symptom of vaccinosis, by the way).  So she suggested that what I was seeing was the remedy working, and if that was the case this should be transient and go away.  Eyes, she pointed out, are not vital organs and issues with eyelids are not life threatening.  This symptom is superficial and something to watch, but not panic over.

Sure enough, within a few hours his eyes were back to normal and I haven’t seen anything like it since.  

At the same time his eyes flared up, he also had a flare-up of his skin again.  Now that I think of it, I’m sure this wasn’t coincidental.  Clearly his life force was doing something and expelling toxins from his system through all means possible.  He actually developed another sore, similar to the one on his back, but this time much smaller and on his tail.  When discussing with a friend of mine who is much more experienced in homeopathy than I, she explained that this was a very good sign.  As the life-force heals, symptoms move from the inside outward (i.e. from mental at the deepest to vital organs to non-vital organs to the surface, or skin), and from the top (head) downward and out the extremities.  So basically his life force was literally moving his chronic disease down his body and out his tail.  This new sore healed up within a couple of days and is now gone, as is any itchiness and the chronic redness of his eyes.  

Homeopathy requires such a different way of looking at health, and at healing, that it takes a very long time to get used to it and become comfortable with the progressions.  We are used to suppressing everything, and seeing that as cure.  With Ross’s skin condition, he would have been giving topical or even ingested antibiotics.  Who knows what would have been prescribed for his eyes.  But neither was necessary and Ross is healthier and stronger as a result of letting his body – with help from homeopathy – push the disease out on its own.

This past week I’ve been putting this faith to the test with one of my cats, who has been quite ill.  She stopped eating for several days even, showing non-descript symptoms, fever and a desire to just go off and sleep on her own.  I even scheduled an appointment with a vet, but then asked myself what they possibly would be able to do for her?  Besides giving her metacam or antibiotics, probably nothing.  So I kept her home, kept her quiet and gave a couple of carefully selected remedies to help her along.  And today she is up and about and starting to eat and drink again.  The body is really a miraculous self-healing machine and we need to have more faith in its abilities.