As I have mentioned a number of times over the last few months, I have been quite concerned because Ross was picking up a lot of ticks, while neither Hannah nor Mira were getting any.  The reason this concerned me is because parasites of any sort suggest a weakness in the life force (they go for the weaker individuals) unless, of course, there are enough in the area to infect everyone.  Because only Ross was getting ticks, and not the other two, I took this as a sign of his life force being out of balance.  I did find this odd because – other than the skin outbreak he had a little while ago – he has shown me to be in very good health of late!

In this light, although it may seem strange to many, I was very relieved when the girls started picking up ticks as well.  When that started to happen, I felt better about the state of Ross’s life force, although he continued to attract the most hitch hikers of the group.  

Then one day I found a tick on me.  UGH!  It wasn’t attached, it was just scurrying across my arm.  Now where did I pick that up, I wondered, considering I haven’t been in the woods for a while?  Not long after that, as I sat out on my patio, tucked up under the shade of my wisteria covered fence, a tick scurried across the top of the book I was reading.  Ah ha!  I thought, could this be the source?  It would make sense, as Ross loves to dig a hole under my chair right up against the fence and sleep there in the shade.  And Ross, being the quietest of the bunch, has been the only dog I’ve taken into my garden (not wanting it trampled by the youthful antics of the other two).  

I decided to put this to the test. I brought all three dogs out into the garden while I worked one afternoon.  Sure enough, all three ended up covered in ticks.  YUCK!  I have no idea how to get rid of them (chickens are not permitted in the city, and I don’t use any chemicals in my garden), but at least I know where they are.  So sadly the dogs are completely banned from the yard.  I really need to get some property of my own so they can spend more time outside.  Hopefully by next summer….