Last week I had been reworking Hannah’s case.  She had developed such an itchy face that she was scratching herself first raw, and then bloody:

This has been an on-going problem with Hannah for a long, long time.  I first noticed it almost two years ago when I started working with a homeopath to treat some of her other issues.  She has been scratching her face ever since, and since working on my own, I have been trying to fix this.  

Curing skin issues is very tricky and I have not had much success.  Sulphur is a remedy that fits her symptoms very well, and I have given it to her several times over the last few months.  Every time the itching goes away, but it always comes back.  In addition, her brain fogs up and her mental issues get worse.  So clearly Sulphur is suppressive for her, and not curative.  I decided not to repeat it, but rather to find something else that would work.  Interestingly, Sepia makes her brain extremely clear, but her skin way worse!  So I didn’t want to repeat that either.

Upon review of her case, I first noticed Hannah scratching her face after she had been prescribed Lachesis.  In my notes I observed that at that point, she went from scratching her torso to scratching her face.  At the time that meant nothing to me, but now I know that this is going in the wrong direction!  Cure moves from head to toe, not the other way around.  Clearly the Lachesis was suppressive and apparently its effect never wore off!  So the first step would be to try and antidote that remedy.  This can be done either by administering a lower dose of the same remedy, or by administering an antidoting remedy that fits her symptoms.  More research pointed to Arsenicum as the best remedy for option number two.  As I had some of that on hand, I thought I’d give it a try.  

By the next morning I saw some mild improvement.  She was still scratching but not making herself bleed anymore.  Within a few days, the scratching had diminished, and had also moved largely back to her torso.  Yeah!  Things were moving in the right direction.  After giving it a few more days to work, I repeated the Arsenicum, with even greater improvement.  Much of the redness around her mouth is now  gone and she’s barely scratching her face at all anymore.  

Today it was my turn to have a really bad day.  By noon, I was in such a state of stress and anxiety that I could barely choke back my tears over every little thing (and some big things) that went wrong.  I was just as much of a mess yesterday.  I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and it’s really been getting to me.  When I found myself in tears this morning, feeling horrible both physically and mentally, I decided I need to put a stop to it.  I really wish I had a good homeopath to work with, and I’ve even found a couple, but I just don’t have the money to consult with them.  So I’m on my own.

I put work aside and started repping my own case.  I pulled out some key symptoms and made a list of the major remedies that fit.  After a while, I noticed an interesting pattern.  There were a few remedies that came up that I have taken in the past, especially Natrum Muriaticum.  But Arsenicum was also right up there.  I have never taken Arsenicum before, or even noticed it come to the fore for me.  It is a remedy that Ross has been on the past with much improvement though.  And now Hannah.

When Ross had his acute skin break out a few weeks ago, he was prescribed Calcarea Carbonica.  Upon reading the remedy profile, I felt it would be a good fit for me too.  Ross’s homeopath commented that this was often the case and encouraged me to try taking it as well (I have already written about this).  The remedy did wonders to help both of us!  So when I saw Hannah’s remedy surface in my case, I thought I should take that seriously.  And after some hemming and hawing (well, really lots of wading around in my homeopathy books), I figured what the heck, let’s give it a try.  So I took a dose of 30C.  Very shortly thereafter all my anxiety lifted and I’ve been fine every since.  I did feel really tired for much of the day (that is common when a remedy is working), but I can’t believe how much I accomplished anyway.  I got all three of the dogs trained, a whole bunch of administrative stuff done, a good chunk of research accomplished, and now my blog updated.  

I’ve always found the connection between myself and my animals amazing, but the way homeopathy brings this to the fore just boggles my mind.  I am really starting to wonder just how much of what my dogs express in their health is a reflection of the state of my life force, and vise versa.  It makes sense that we are connected, but it appears this connection is at a level much, much deeper than I ever thought possible.