Well the girls’ feet are healing up nicely.  They were walking normally by the next morning after I gave them the Calendula, so I think it helped.  It is also indicated for injuries to nerve rich areas (like Hypericum, which I had wanted to give them but didn’t have on hand), so I will keep both in mind in the future.  With Hannah’s predisposition to foot problems, I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll be dealing with blown pads!    

I was all excited that their feet were better and had planned on doing some training and a good hike today, but unfortunately this morning we were dealing with a different problem.  I woke up to discover that Mira had pooped in her crate.  I carried the crate outside and let her go.  She had managed to only get it on her feet – good girl!  So I hosed her and the crate down, then watched as she had several more boughts of diarrhea followed by several episodes of vomiting.  Then she seemed perfectly fine.  I didn’t give her breakfast, just to be sure!

Ross was also not feeling well.  He only ate half his breakfast, which is very unusual for him.  I can count the number of meals he’s skipped on one hand since I adopted him 4.5 years ago.  He hasn’t shown any other signs of illness, however, and Hannah has been fine.  Even though they were acting fine, I didn’t want to stress their immune systems by vigorous exercise so just let them hang out in the yard all day and run as they wanted.  

By this evening, I was the one feeling the need for some exercise!  Since Hannah had been feeling fine, I took her for a hike.  I am still visiting my parents and they live across the street from a beautiful trail through miles of forest.  We walked for a good 1.5 hours.  It was wonderful!  We did a loop that goes up a steep ridge, follows along the top of it for miles, then when we (i.e. I)  got tired, we took a side trail down the ridge and followed the lower path back home.  

Despite it having been a very wet summer, it actually hasn’t rained for some time around here.  So all the little streams had dried up.  I was counting on them for Hannah to find something to drink, and for her to cool off in.  There is a lake on this trail but it was about 2 miles past were we turned back.  I felt bad for Hannah and figured I’d fill the dog pool when I got home.  There was no need, however.  Hannah took care of cooling off herself!  At one point she disappeared on me.  I called and called.  Finally, after a few minutes, a dog came bounding out of the woods.  It was sleek and totally black, with prick ears and… one blue eye!  Hannah had discovered a peat bog and had completely submerged herself in it.  Lucky her as the bugs were coming out at that point.  She was filthy and stinky, but cool and bug free, while I was hot and sticky, and quickly becoming dinner for a large cloud of mosquitoes.  Definitely time to head home!