Well, we made it home, and not a minute too soon.  In fact, perhaps a day too late!  It seems that winter has arrived.  This weekend the weather was fantastic – blue sky, warm and sunny with every tree bursting with colour.  Yesterday it grew overcast with a little rain.  Today, snow.

Yep, much to my shock and dismay, we had to drive home from the trial through heavy rain, sleet and, at times, nearly white-out conditions.  There will be no more traveling now until spring, other than to my parent’s house, which is 2 hours away but I will be able to pick my travel days to make sure the weather is good.  Driving down major highways during bad weather is just not something I elect to do anymore.  

The dogs are thrilled to be home, as am I.  I am ready to start hibernating and from now until at least Christmas, I will be doing nothing but working on my dissertation, working on my house, and spending time with my animals.  When the weather is good, I can’t stand being inside.  The reverse is true when it gets cold, damp and dark out.  All I want to do right now is break out my big wooly sweaters and work on my writing.  Which is a good thing because I really need to make some progress on my research.  Lucky for me, we won some really cute, wooly slippers at this trial!  They are already doing a good job keeping my feet warm while I wait for our furnace to heat up the house.  Brrrrrrr!