Today I had to work from 12-5, and then from 5:30-9:30, so there was no time to train or even to run the dogs.  I did get them out for a brief leg stretch a couple of times, but that was it.  I am delighted to have work right now – for the first time in months – but it consists of several part-time positions that can easily take over my day.  I get a few hours here, a few hours there.  Lately I have had less than 6 hours notice when work is available, and I always say yes as otherwise it will go to someone else and they may be called first next time.  Tomorrow I work from 11-1:30, 2:30-5, and 5:30-10:30.  Because it’s all in pieces I don’t get a paid lunch or anything like that.  I can’t complain though, as at least I have work.   The poor dogs though – tomorrow will be another boring day sitting in the house.  I’ll make it up to them on Sunday, I promise!