I haven’t been writing much about the dog’s health lately as they have been doing quite well in general.  Mira has been very stable since receiving her dose of Sulphur a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t remember if I wrote about that.  I need to document how and why I chose it for future reference.

Hannah is doing well, although her feet gave her trouble prior to the trial.  We’ll see if the Calc Carb helps – only time will tell.

Ross was recently given a dose of Belladonna.  This was selected on the basis (I believe) that he was showing signs of being hot and cold, moving from his bed to the cool floor and back again, lots of chewing of his feet, and panting as if he was having sudden hot flashes.  All of that subsided since he has taken the Bell, but one symptom he has had for a bit is now getting much worse.  I need to write our homeopath to let her know and see what she thinks.  

Ross is becoming an extremely picky eater.  Now, this is a dog who would eat just about anything until recently.  Well, actually he’s always been a little picky – turning his nose up at organ meat and venison. But now he’s being fussy about other things too, like some beef cuts, fish, and has even refused to eat chicken a few times during our travels.  I thought this last bit was due to stress, and it very well may have been.  But he definitely is getting picky and I can’t just feed him chicken day in and day out.  

Tonight I fed him some beef with organ and heart all ground together, and he promptly vomited after eating.  Lovely…  In the past he’s vomited up heart when I managed to coax him to eat it, so perhaps that is what this was about.  Or maybe he’s in need of a dose of Phosphorus, which is strongly indicated for “vomits as soon as food is warmed by the stomach.”  Ross fits other Phos characteristics, so perhaps that will do the trick.  As always, of course, I worry that there’s something more serious going on.  Poor Ross – I turn into such a hypochondriac around him!  I will write our homeopath tonight and keep you posted on what she comes up with.