I have about a million photos from this summer, but I’m only just finding easier ways to upload them.  Here are a few from the last two weekends, showing off the beautiful fall colours I have been enjoying!

The pond behind my parent’s house:

The above were taken on a beautiful, sunny day when the weather was still warm. That was two weekends ago.  The rest are from last weekend, at the trial.  Here’s what Sunday looked like, the day I was NOT running:

And here’s what the weather had in store for us when I had to stand outside for 7 solid hours!  Only a few people stuck around on the Monday to watch the novice runs, much to my relief!

Keeping warm around the fire while waiting to run:

A walk in the woods to get some exercise between runs.  While these colours are not as dramatic, I love the subtly of the golds and yellows and find the landscape quite exquisit:

Finally, with every lovely fall must come… mud.  Mud, mud, and more mud.  And this is only the beginning…