After traveling three weekends in a row, the dogs and I were really looking forward to having a nice quiet weekend at home, catching up on life and getting out for some nice, low-key hikes.  Unfortunately I ended up picking up enough work to keep me insanely busy all weekend.  Today I am working 12 solid hours, and yesterday I worked 10.  Tomorrow, thank goodness, I’m only working 6 hours, and the same on Monday.  That makes for a 34 hour “work week” over the weekend.  This is the most I’ve worked in 6 months by far!  Great for the bank account, not so great for everything else in my life!

So the poor dogs are sitting home all day with nothing to do, just like they did yesterday.  I was expecting to be able to sneak home to let them out at some point, but no luck. I got held up and my 10 minute window vanished.  Fortunately my roommate is home today so she has been able to let them out and feed the cats to keep them from going nuts.  She is really worth her weight in gold and I don’t know how I’ll ever thank her for how helpful and supportive she’s been since she’s moved in. 

Things have been so hectic this last two days that today I had to… brace yourselves… feed my dogs kibble!  I suppose I could have fasted them, but leaving three very hungry border collies alone in my house for 12 hours is a recipe for disaster.  Better to leave them with full – albeit probably aching – bellies.  I keep some kibble for training treats, usually just those little sample bags.  For back-up feeding I have cans of Trippet, or cans of mackerel, or eggs and so on.  Well, I’m all out of all of that!  I had planned to go to market this morning and buy some fresh meat, so I hadn’t defrosted any.  I was so tired that I slept in and just didn’t have time to get there. 

The funny thing is that my dogs thought it was the best day ever!  Like little kids when parents lament “oh dear, the only thing we have left in the house for breakfast is Lucky Charms!”  Well, hopefully it won’t hurt them to eat one kibble meal every few months.  I find it interesting that many people switch to kibble when they travel and trial.  That’s the LAST time I would feed my dogs kibble.  If they are competing, plus stressed from travel, there’s no way I would change their diet.  But when lounging around the house I expect it will do little harm, other than gas me out of house and home tonight.  But I should be tired enough to sleep through it.