Well, not really.  At least I am finally earning some income.  But working two part-time jobs on top of my (unpaid) full-time job is a nightmare!  I have not had time to do anything with the dogs in 4 days now, and I doubt I’ll get them out much tomorrow either.  My house is a disaster, I don’t have time for my friends or exercise, and I’ve been eating like crap from fast-food stands.  After tomorrow things should slow down; this second part-time job is intense but very short-term.  I need to work as much as I can while it lasts, and that means putting everything else on hold.  

It sucks to be this financially insecure, and to have to piece together all these little jobs to make ends meet, barely.  I am in this situation by choice as I try and finish this darn degree, but millions of people live like this by necessity and for the long-term.  It’s not right.

At least the weather has been miserable – cold and rainy – this past few days, so I haven’t missed good training weather.  It’s supposed to clear up by Wednesday, as is my schedule.  I can’t wait!