I am getting pretty darn camera happy these days, now that I have figured out a quick way to upload my photos!  Here are a few of Hannah working sheep on Friday.  We were working on driving:

Mira walking up on the sheep:

I took some videos of Mira working, but can’t get the system to upload them for some reason. I’ll keep trying.  The only other photo I have of her was taken after she was done working, and looking mighty pleased with herself!  And so she should – she’s really coming along nicely!

After work comes play, and here are Ross and Mira thorouhgly enjoying a puddle they spotted before I did:

And then Ross discovered – once again, before I did – the mother of all mud puddles (complete with well dissolved cow and sheep manure).  Note Mira in the corner, looking on as if to say “oh boy, you’re going to catch it now!  Ha ha!”:

Needless to say, there was a hose encounter prior to this bad-ass mud monkey getting back into my car!