I’m feeling better today, although still very low energy.  At least I got up and about and was able to do some work, and some cooking.  My poor dogs though – what a boring life they lead when I’m out of commission.  Fortunately I have this nice yard at my friend’s place to let the dogs run.  Here’s the view through the glass in their family room.  Can you believe this is right in the middle of the city?

Note Ross meeting the Guardian dog through the fence.  This is as close as I’ve let them get, although all body language so far tells me they’d be fine together.  I still don’t want to put it to the test.  This picture doesn’t show just how big this dog really is.  Here are a couple that give a better idea.  This is him next to Mira, who is tiny, but still!

And him with Hannah:


I’m sure you can see why I don’t want to risk him getting into a fight with Ross!

Their puppy was being quieter today.  I think having Mira around to run her ragged is helping her settle down a bit.  With all the space out there, I think I am going to bring over my agility equipment (which consists of a jump and some weave poles) and do some training once I feel well enough to do so.  Hopefully by tomorrow.  

Not much more to report.  Good night!