Wow, where does the time go?  The last month seems to have just vaporized.  The worst part is that I hardly got any training in.  Between being sick and the early start to winter, my dogs and I have been spending far, far too much time indoors.

This weekend I went out to the farm to visit, but the conditions were too icy to train.  I may try again on Wednesday as they are predicting rain (well, it is supposed to be a rain-snow mix, which means hovering around freezing, which means the snow should be soft).  Gross weather, but when it is colder the ground will be hard packed with crunchy, icy snow that cuts the feet of dogs and gets sheep to refuse to move.  Both make for dangerous conditions and while I miss training, I am not going to put dog or sheep at risk to do so.  

To compensate for not working sheep, I have been trying to do other things with the dogs. We have been hiking, but I have also been trying to take them out one on one to do some basic obedience and foundation agility or tracking work.  I haven’t done any of this in a long, long time and it sure shows!  My dogs are pretending they’ve forgotten everything (I know they haven’t).  But Mira for one could really use a lot of work.  It might actually be a good thing if we can’t work sheep for a few months, provided that we have sheep to come back to in the spring.  If I spent the winter just doing foundation brain work with her, she’d be much, much farther ahead all around.  I really need to get working on this.  She turns two next week and has nowhere near the foundation a dog of her age should have.  

I also need to get working with Ross.  He’s so brilliant, yet I tend to neglect training him because he’s mellow and also we don’t have any venues in which to compete.  It doesn’t seem right that I need a trial to motivate me to train, but that seems to be the case.  I need to find a Rally-O group and get going with that.  

I guess that’s all for now.  Not too much exciting going on, at least with respect to my dogs.  This time of year, i.e. end of the academic term, is always busy with academic work and everything else has to take the back seat for a few weeks.  But, while I have a lot of work still to do, the worst is now behind me and I hope I can pace myself from here on in.  The dogs are hoping so too!