I finally had a relaxed morning today, and was able to go at my own pace.  It was glorious!  I was also able to take the dogs for a nice, long hike.  They were thrilled.  When I looked outside, however, I was not!  We were being thrashed by snow squalls and very chilly temperatures.  But of course they wanted to go, so out we went.  I nearly frostbit my hands taking these, but it was darned pretty out…

I’ll have to try and fix the exposure on the first few, but here they are anyway:

I just love the snow covered trees in the background.  And the dogs had run enough in the deep snow to cooperate for a few posed shots.  Ross actually jumped up here on his own.  He’s not a big jumper, but he’s a big ham when it comes to having his photo taken!

Mira, on the other hand, does not like having her photo taken.  She never has!  Weird, but she’s my quirky girl.  Here she held the pose, but her eyes are saying something not very polite!

I love how border collies match a snowscape so well!  And yes, she had permission to jump off when I took this.  I was hoping to catch her in the air but it’s so hard to time action shots with a digital!

The crew…

Free dogs!