I got home from work this evening just shy of 11pm. I made some hot milk with honey and hoped that would make me sleepy. I’m actually exhausted, but I’ve got my second wind and am having trouble contemplating bed. So here I am, playing around with blog themes again. Hopefully this one will be clearer than the black theme. I really wish I knew more about computer programming so that I could set this blog up with my own custom design, but I have enough projects going in my life right now, and don’t need to add ‘computer programing’ to the list!

This morning I took Ross for a nice walk. I have made a commitment to myself that I will take him out for a good 45-60 minutes off-leash hike at least 5 days a week. With his hips, he needs to stay in good shape. Lately I have been walking the dogs separately to spend some time with each, doing a little training, and mostly just bonding. It’s been really nice in fact. But I make sure that I always take Ross out first, in case I run short of time and walk the others together.

Last night I took Mira out on her own for the first time in a while. I really have done very little work with her, other than herding that is, but she surprised me with what she was able to do. We just walked around a huge (empty) parking lot with lots of concrete barriers. I had her jumping over these, back and forth, doing rear crosses and such, and she followed my body language very well. She’s really turning into a dynamite little dog and I think is at the point now where if I just put a little more work into her, she’s going to blow me away with what she can do.

I haven’t done any agility with her in months, but clearly all that herding work has taught her to read me and to respond to what I want. To tell you the truth, that kinda surprised me, considering how little attention she *appears* to be paying to me around sheep! As soon as I get a few days of rest under my belt, and my energy levels perk up, I look forward to working with her more seriously. It would be fun if I had two dogs to trial with in both herding and agility next spring. And, provided I put the time and effort in, I think that very well might be possible.

But first, I need some sleep. Good night!