The dogs and I have been spending part of our Christmas holiday in Ithaca, NY. This has been, for the most part, a very relaxing trip for me. I’ve been indulging in wonderful food, reading Harry Potter and otherwise not doing much. The dogs, as a result, have been bored out of their skulls. Furthermore, they are being kept in just one part of the house and so are spending a lot of time hanging out on their own. I don’t think they are enjoying Christmas very much.

I have tried to do at least one thing every day with them to keep them from staging a full blown mutiny. Two days ago I found a trail through a very large nature preserve. We’re staying on the edge of town and are surrounded by forest. Unfortunately these forests are chock full of deer. 30 seconds down the trail, Hannah took off after one and was gone long enough for me to panic. She came back at last and I had to keep a very close eye on her (and the others) after that. They had a good run, but I spent most of the walk keeping an eye out for deer.

Yesterday we went for a leash walk around the neighbourhood. The dogs were not impressed!

Today we went for a hike in one of the regions many gorges. On the way I saw a bumper sticker that said Ithaca is Gorges. An accurate play on words. The area is surround by gorges, and the one we visited was indeed gorgeous (as are all the others I’m sure!). The dogs had to stay on leash, but seemed to enjoy the outing nonetheless.

A photo op at the beginning of the trail. Yes the girls are wearing head halters. I know a lot of people frown upon these tools, but just try and walk three rarely-on-leash-wired-for-sound border collies down an icy path along side a raging river without them, and still enjoy your walk!

Starting off down the trail:

The view down the gorge:

The view up the gorge:

The final destination:

Another photo op.:

Note all the mist around us. The falls were kicking up a huge fog that was freezing solid on the ground. We were basically standing on an ice rink, which gave me my first taste of skijoring! Hmmm, maybe I won’t be taking up this sport after all….