I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I started this blog. I’ve really enjoyed writing in it and have been quite pleasantly surprised by how much traffic it has received. Knowing that people actually at least open these links inspires me to continue to write.

The main purpose of establishing this blog was to use it as a training log, and that’s been primarily what I’ve done. As a log it has served its purpose well, allowing me to look back and see how things have changed and also what hasn’t changed. To see where I’ve made progress, and where I am still stuck.

This blog has also allowed me to explore other subjects and share my thought, research and analysis, primarily around alternative health. In fact, my health posts get much more traffic than my training posts, although that’s not really surprising. I’m sure the blow by blow accounts of how my dogs go over jumps or eye a ewe are of interest to few other than myself!

The single most popular post on this blog is the one I wrote on Rear End Paralysis. While I am glad to know that the information I have compiled may be of interest or use to others, it continues to disturb me deeply that I receive an average of 6 hits a day on this post from people looking for answers to why their dogs’ hind ends have suddenly given out. This is a problem that clearly needs to be looked into much more seriously than by someone like me.

Interestingly, the second most popular post on this blog is the one I wrote on puppy growth patterns, based on my observations of raising three raw fed puppies, each with different feeding histories prior to coming to me. Who knew so many people were interested in this topic? Yet not a single person has commented on that page, so I really have no idea what kind of response it evokes.

All in all, maintaining this journal has been interesting and fun and I will carry forth into year two. I have quite a few ideas on how to improve and expand it, starting with building the pages I have demarcated over the last couple of weeks. I thought I would have time to do so over the holidays, but so far it’s just been too busy! But I will get down to that task as soon as my schedule returns to its normal chaos.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to stop by. Happy new year!!