Yesterday I caught Hannah stealing the sourdough bread starter I had warming up on my butcher block.  Sourdough starter?!  I can’t believe she actually wanted to eat it.  

Perhaps it’s time to get back to training.

Ross is getting crankier by the day, and Mira is sulking, and spending most of her time sleeping.  

I’m quite sure it is time to get back to training.

Today I presented a talk at a conference, an event I have been working very hard to prepare for.  The talk went well, and it’s now behind me.  My work is under control, I’m relatively caught up on my sleep, and my house is in not too great a disorder.  

No more excuses.  Let’s train!

I emailed our agility instructor this week and asked about classes and renting a training arena.  Looks like we have  a time conflict for the classes – Monday nights at 6:30, and I work until 6pm.  I will see if I can move my shift an hour earlier, but for the moment, we are going to start training on our own at my instructor’s arena.  She offered it for rent to her students, which is fantastic!  It is only 20 minutes away and is fully equipped. I have tons of notes from previous classes, plus I think I am going to buy Susan Garrett’s DVDs Crate Games, and Success with 1-Jump.  I’ve taken lessons and seminars on both, but I think the DVDs will remind me of the details and inspire me to work.  

There is an agility trial local to me in April.  I am going to aim to start Hannah at that trial. Mira’s no where near being read to trial because I haven’t done enough work with her yet.  But if I can train twice a week at the arena, we should start to make some progress.  

Gaining access to this arena couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was just about freezing today, and tonight it is supposed to plummet to -23, with the windchill holding things at -30 for much of the weekend.  Everything that started to melt today is about to freeze solid.  This likely will make the snow impassable in the fields where we usually hike.  Having a dirt floor arena to train in will be a serious saving grace!