Today was a busy day of running around town with my mother, helping her with errands and getting her to various appointments.  Tomorrow will be much of the same, and probably so will the rest of the week.  It’s going to be rather hectic for the  next few days, especially with all the research and writing I need to get done as well!  So this is my excuse for not having trained the dogs today.  I did, however, get them out for a really great run.  

First, this morning they got to hang out in the yard for a couple of hours while I did stuff around the house (cook, clean etc).  It is so great having a yard in this respect – the dogs can be out in fresh air while I’m doing other things.  I would love to have them outside many more hours per day and believe they would be healthier for it.  Kess and Mira played a fair bit, as did Kess and my dad’s dog Magic.  She really has become a busy girl, as I had suspected she would.  Even after all the other dogs had settled down to relax, Kess was still running around the yard tossing sticks and pestering the others to play with her.  Now, many people would discourage a puppy from seeking entertainment in this manner, but I’m not terribly worried with Kess.  She arrived having had little training I’m sure, yet she is easily focused on me when I ask for it.  She’s just one of those dogs (the kind you always hope for, but rarely get!).  So I let her play with the pack, hoping she’ll get more comfortable with them.  She still hasn’t really integrated with them, but she’s only been running freely with them for a week and I still keep her separate much of the time.

By the time my mom and I finished our errands, it was 4pm.  I had wanted to run all four dogs together, but they were so wild and stimulated that I decided it would be a bad idea.  The park gets a bit busy around 4pm, and even though it is huge, I’d likely run into people and other dogs.  Having four wired-for-sound border collies racing around might not make me the most popular person on the block.  So I took Hannah and Ross first, and drove to the far end of the preserve, where I could just let them out of the car and start walking.

It was a beautiful afternoon, cool but not cold, and sunny.  I walked and walked, and before long realized that I had walked most of the way back home.  I decided I would just keep going, and then swap dogs and walk back to my car with the other two.  That actually worked very well.  Each pair of dogs got a great hour long work-out running through the forest with all its fallen trees and obstacles.  Probably the best agility training they can get!  And I got over two hours of hiking in.  We’re all going to sleep well tonight.  Tomorrow, however, I am determined to get in some formal training!