The software that runs this blog, WordPress, has lots of nifty features.  For example, it keeps track of how many hits this blog gets, and also how people find my blog.  I check this all the time as I think it is really interesting.  Often a post that I write will get automatically picked up by the search engine attached to another blog and linked to mine.  This gives both bloggers more exposure, and has introduced me to some neat websites (although often it links to completely unrelated topics so the software clearly needs some tweaking!).

This feature also allows me to see what search terms people use in Google to land on this blog (don’t worry, it doesn’t give me any information about the person doing the searching, just what terms were used, see below).  Most of the search terms, sadly, have to do with rabies vaccinosis and rear end paralysis.  I wrote my post on rear end paralysis over a year ago now, and it is still by far the most commonly read with multiple hits every single day since I wrote it.  It always makes me sad to see just how many people are trying to help their dogs with this condition or, worse, trying to understand what went wrong after it’s too late.

The second most common subject, surprisingly, is puppy growth pattern.  This is now followed by questions about homeopathy and, lately, a broader range of issues that I have written about.  Interestingly, hardly anyone ever lands on this blog searching about training.  I guess there are just too many training blogs out there for mine to be easily found.

Today’s list contained mostly the usual suspects, but a couple of search terms people used to find my blog really made me laugh.  Good thing, because most of them remain pretty depressing:

tarot cards tower   (!)                 

puppies growth high in rear                       

stroke in dog and weak rear end                       

rabies noise

dog health, weakness in back legs                       

dog water obsession

sexy videos germany kess  (what the ??!)

temporary hind end paralysis dogs                       

rabies irrational fear of water           

dog growth pattern           

dogs growth pattern

sudden paralysis in border collie                       

bully behaviour in dogs           

do puppies have growth spurts                       

dog temporary hind end paralysis                       

messy roommate operant conditioning     (I hope my roommate didn’t use that one!!)

teeter trainer for puppy           

holistic treatments for canine hind end                       

“ideal number of dogs”           

homeopathic treatment of dog aggression