Remember the fat, pudgy, sway-backed puppy I brought home almost 3 months ago now?

Well, look at the sleek, slim, muscular little dog she has become!  And most amazingly, her sway back is gone and she now actually has a very nice little structure! I’m just so thrilled.  Amazing what a couple of months of regular exercise and a fresh, raw meat diet can do!!

I’ve had other dogs transform substantially when given a healthier lifestyle.  Ross looked like a coffee table with dreadlocks when I got him – fat, square, barrel ribbed with a horrible coat.  He still has a somewhat stocky structure, but his whole body shaped changed quite a bit after being with me for a few months.  Kestrel is doing the same.  I have to admit that, while I expected significant change, I never thought she’d lose that sway-back.  I suspect both that and that her incontinence problems (which led to the pound deeming her unadoptable) were the result of poor musculature.  Now that her muscles are toned up, just look at her!