Not a whole lot to report today.  I have been feeling very low energy for the past week or so and this morning I just stayed in bed until almost noon.  I haven’t done that in ages!  Apparently it is what I needed (12 hours in bed) because I am finally feeling a bit better this evening, in terms of my energy.  I always get run down after I take on too much.  The trips to care first for my mother and then for my friends’ kids, on top of my jobs, school and having to do work well into the wee hours after the kids were asleep, and then coming back to the busiest time of the year while being surrounded by hundreds of sick students at the university, clearly pushed me over the edge and set off my chronic fatigue symptoms again.  This sucks, but I am feeling a bit better tonight.  Hopefully this means I’m on the mend.  At least the next two days I have nothing scheduled and will be just working from home, and of course taking the dogs out to enjoy some of this wonderful warm weather and sunshine!

As a result of my very short day today, the dogs got no exercise.  Poor things.  I am so grateful for their patience.  I did take Kestrel to my neighbour’s while we had a cup of tea and a chat for half an hour this evening.  Kess enjoyed running around her house, playing with her kids and dog.  She’s such a good puppy.  After 10 minutes of exploring and running about (my friend has a totally puppy proof house), she picked up one of the kids’ toys, came to me and lay down at my feet to chew on it.  She stayed there for the rest of our visit.  Not bad for an 8 month old border collie who hasn’t been walked today!  She’s such an amazing puppy.

Tomorrow I hope to make it up to the dogs by spending as much of the day as we can outside.  I will need to set something up in my yard for them to be out with me.  Currently part of my fence is down and the dogs can easily push aside large parts of it.  They can also walk around in my garden and crush the tender shoots that are starting to come up, so I need to fix fencing around that too. It’s hard for me to put energy in to setting up the yard if I am going to move, which I expect I’ll be doing.  But I still don’t know exactly when – could be June, could be September.  

I had given myself until yesterday (March 31) to decide on whether or not I am staying for the summer, and since I didn’t give notice, I guess that is my intention.  But I have started very actively looking for a new place and I will move whenever I find the right place.  I had considered giving notice and then forcing the move, but I have learned over the years that when things are right, they are easy.  That nothing has come together for me tells me that I need to stay put.  For now.  My nice little farm property will come to me in good time.  

I am hoping that some sheep will come to me in good time – and by that I mean SOON.  I just found a local sheep association and emailed one of their organizers.  I expect it will be tricky finding a farm that will let me train as I suspect few people will be interested in having some strange dog near their sheep.  They won’t know me from a hole in the wall and how will they trust that my dog won’t hurt the sheep?  And what’s in it for them?  I am offering labour on the farm, help with the sheep etc.  I also mentioned that I would be willing to buy some sheep and board them at a farm, and then I would be working my own sheep and not risking anyone else’s.  So we’ll see what comes of it all.  Otherwise I may just have to wait until my farm property finds me and get some sheep of my own.  Fingers crossed that it will all come together SOON!

I guess that’s all for now.  I am going to go to bed early tonight as I am still tired even though I’ve only been up for 9 hours.  Hopefully I’ll have more energy tomorrow and be able to get some of the million things I need to do, done.  I hate when my energy crashes like this because everything piles up so quickly and then I totally overwhelmed by how much I need to do.  Once better, I work consistently at catching up, but then I crash again from the effort.  This is also in part because of my work cycle, which is based on the academic semester: slow at first, building up into a frenzy of craziness, and then it all stops.  Repeat.  It’s a vicious cycle that I’ve been stuck in for a long time now and I’m not sure how to end it.  Maybe this time…