Hey Kess, wanna try something new??

Follow me then!

Dang!  I thought this was deeper… 

Wait, I know where we can go… this way!

Not much farther…

Now THIS is a swimming hole!

Kess: Ummm… are you sure about this?

And why is the water white over there??

Mira: Sure!  Don’t be such a chicken!

The white frothy part is the most fun!  Come on!!

Kess: Yeah, um, maybe I’ll just watch this time…

Fine… see if you can catch up then, land lover!

Kess: No fair!  You’re swimming with the current… wait … for…. me!!!

Oh, you’re such a spoil sport!  Fine, have it your way.  I’ll race you on land… you still can’t catch me!

This is much better… nice and solid!  But thanks for the swimming lesson.  Maybe I’ll enjoy it more next time!