Please bear with me while I vent.  I just moved inside after trying to work out in my yard.  As it is, I have a double fence set up – one on the periphery of my tiny yard space, and a second one inside the yard around the patio.  The idea is to put a buffer zone between my dogs and the  neighbourhood kids.  

My dogs are never outside without me at least being in the kitchen with the back door propped open.  But even then I have to play constant defence for my dogs.  The kids are obsessed with them and often flock in groups of 6-10, clamouring around my fence, reaching over to pet the dogs.  Two days ago one little girl was bent right over the fence with her arms wrapped around Ross’s head, which she was pulling up towards her, and asking why he was growling.  DUH!  

Today the sun finally came out after a long, dreary week, and I decided to work out on the patio.  When the weather is nice, the patio pretty much becomes my home.  In the past, this has worked very well.  However I live in a high density and high turn-over townhouse complex, and the local demographic changes considerably from year to year.  This year, it seems, we have a disproportionate number of non-school age kids in the area.  This includes my (very nice) new neighbours who moved in next door with their toddler and ever-crying baby, and use their yard all the time.  In fact, whenever the baby cries they step outside and walk up and down along the (my) fence trying to get him to stop.  

Right now there is a gang of a half dozen screeching children playing about 40 feet from my patio, and my neighbour is operating a power saw 6 feet from where I was trying to work.  

I am so not going to miss this when I move!!  

Speaking of which, I may have found a very good housing option for me and the crew.  I am going to see the place this weekend, but I have already spoken at length to the woman who currently lives there and it sounds wonderful.  I’ve known her for about a year now and have always found her to be extremely pleasant and interesting.  She is even more focused on holistic living and healthy food than I am (she is an organic farmer, who I have been buying a lot of produce from this past year).  Her house is not on the farm where she grows her food, but a few minutes drive away.  So out of the city, but not quite on a farm.  Apparently the neighbourhood is residential but small and quiet, with a lot of property around the house.  Oh, and it’s walking distance to a very nice beach.  

It sounds really promising!!  

I will know more after I’ve gone to see the house.  I expect that will be perfect, but I need to make sure the area is safe to let my cats out, and that there is somewhere close to let the dogs run off-leash.  My crew is used to off-leash running every day for at least 45 minutes (ideally much  more than that) so this is very important.  That said, I have always been able to find a place to run the dogs, even when I lived in the hearts of Houston, Chicago, Vancouver or Boston.   So hopefully I can find a good spot in rural Ontario.  

OK, the saw was just turned off, so back to work now that I can finally hear myself think!  Wait… too late, the baby just started crying again…