I’m having some problems with Mira again.  Specifically, she’s been going to the bathroom in the house every day of late.  Today she both peed and pooped.  Last night I went out for a couple of hours in the evening.  I had taken her for a nice hike just before I left, and so she should have been fine.  Yet I came home to a nice puddle on the bathroom floor.  Same thing happened tonight, only she peed in the living room on the carpet.  

I have a theory about what might be going on.  Every time Mira comes into heat, the stress of the process on her body brings out the signs of her chronic disease.  When these symptoms become stronger like this, it is easier for me to select a homeopathic remedy with which to treat it.  The theory is that this should help cure her at a deeper level, and I have indeed seen improvement with each heat cycle.  During her first cycle she turned into an absolutely basket case, reverting to the very freaky puppy that she used to be.  I treated her homeopathically and during the second heat cycle, she had much milder symptoms, although symptoms none the less.

Mira is not actually due for another heat cycle for another couple of months, however Hannah just came into heat.  It is possible that Hannah’s hormones are affecting Mira sufficiently to cause her issues to surface again.  For the most part, the only thing I’m seeing is an increased restlessness, some mildly destructive behaviour, and this pottying in the house.  

I have to say this is all very frustrating.  I keep wondering exactly when, or if, these issues are ever going to go away for good!  After all, she’s 2.5 years old now, she should be house trained and she should be able to lie calmly in the house even before she’s been walked.  Heck, Kess can do it at 9 months, so why not Mira?  Of course, because Mira has very serious chronic disease and she’s reminding me that there’s still work to be done.

I did a half-assed attempt at reworking her case when this started up, and decided to try giving Mira homeopathic Lachesis.  This is a remedy made from the venom of a Bushmaster pitviper.  Picture fast moving, restless, quick to strike. These are parts of the Lachesis profile, along with intense jealousy, and aversion to work, loquacity (barking!) and inappropriate sexual behaviour.  These all fit Mira quite nicely, so I thought I’d give her a dose of 30c in solution.  

Unfortunately the remedy didn’t seem to help, and in fact made her worse.  My roommate even commented several days later that Mira had been ‘vacant’ for the previous few days.  She also started chewing stuff up more and I found her on the couch – twice! – chewing on a knife she’d stolen from the counter.  Yikes!

I looked up the antidotes to Lachesis and settled on giving her a dose of Belladonna.  Bell is a good fit for Mira and has helped her in the past.  This did seemed to take the edge off that the Lachesis had created, but didn’t improve the other issues.   

After she pooped and peed in the house a few more days in a row, I decided to simply give her another dose of Sulphur, the remedy that I’ve given her in the past that seemed to have done her a lot of good.  The thing with Sulphur is that it is a remedy that seems to fit many cases, but I don’t think that Mira is constitutionally a Sulphur (picture absent minded professor – definitely not Mira!).  This is why I had decided to try something different.  I was suspecting that Sulphur had helped in the past because it is often a remedy that opens up cases and clear blockages so that other remedies can work, but does not cure.  That she keeps having the symptoms return tells me that Sulphur has not been curative.  

My assumption seems to be correct.  I gave her the Sulphur last night and she still pottied in the house twice today.  In the past a dose of Sulphur has cleared things up perfectly.  This time it doesn’t seem to be working as well.  She did vomit half a dozen times this morning, then had the runs a couple of times (outside, thank goodness).  So clearly the Sulphur got her body to purge itself of something (and likely I gave her too strong a potency as ideally she shouldn’t feel worse after taking it).  I really don’t like giving too many remedies too soon after each other, so I’ll leave this for a few days to see if any improvements become evident.

On a positive note, lately Mira has been around some very small children and has been showing a lot less anxiety.  I have a neighbour with twin 3 year olds who like to come and look for bugs under the rocks in my garden.  I had Mira out in the yard, inside the fenced area while the little boys were playing just on the other side of the fence.  Mira watched them closely for a while, then went about her business of sniffing and checking out the yard.  After a few minutes she actually went up and started sniffing them through the fence.  This is a huge improvement for her.  And today she actually stayed calm within 2 feet of one of these children.  I think the trick is that these kids are not obsessed with her, so she is able to check them out without fear of being grabbed, something that she worries about with all people, kids or adults.  Most adults don’t bother tying to touch her but kids always reach and grab, and this has clearly enhanced her fear of them.  

It was good to see her being so relaxed around these little ones; she’s definitely making good progress in many ways. But I do need to figure out this house training stuff as I am sick and tired of cleaning up after a dog who should have long ago stopped doing this!