Mira had me up several times last night so yet another night with very poor sleep.  She had me up to take her out twice, and then she still managed to poop in the house twice.  She has the runs, which is making me think that this is more than the Sulphur acting.  Perhaps she picked up a bug or ate something on one of our hikes.  I have been taking the dogs to new places lately, just to change things up a bit.  Where I live is so congested this time of year, especially since the fields we hike are surrounding the sports facilities of the university and right now are filled with track and field events, baseball, ultimate frisbee players and sunbathers.  

So this morning I will be spending some time cleaning my floors and carpets.  They need a good clean anyway, so I’m not too bothered by having to do it.  Still, I hope Mira’s done with soiling in the house.  Tonight she’s going back to sleeping in a crate.  I keep trying to move her out of sleeping in a crate, and we have gone stretches of weeks or even months where it has worked.  Then she regresses.  I could just keep her in a crate, and perhaps that’s what she needs, but my house is simply too small to have crates in it.  Especially since I am sleeping on a cot in my already overcrowded office since my basement is too damp to sleep in and I rented out my bedroom after I lost my job.

On a more positive note, last night I went to visit our potential new place to live and I quite liked it.   The house is a fair bit bigger than mine, with three bedrooms (i.e. no one will have to sleep on a cot or in the basement!) and a big open concept livingroom – diningroom – kitchen.  It has a fully fenced in deck (that used to contain a rabbit), a small fenced yard off the kitchen, and close to an acre of unfenced property around the house.  It is also less than a 10 minute walk from the lake on one side, and a river on the other and is near several parks and farms where I could run the dogs.  So a good set-up for them.  The area is very quiet so my cats should be safe outside as well.  And my potential new roommate is a really lovely person who shares many of the same values I have around sustainable living.  In fact she’s an organic farmer and I expect I’d learn a lot living with her.      

I haven’t given my final ‘yes’ because I need to think through living 50 minutes from campus.  It would mean moving away from most of my friends and general network.  Plus I work 10-15 hours a week at just over minimum wage at a campus jobs.  I expect I can find another minimum wage paying job closer to where I live without too much trouble.  My rent would go down significantly so that may largely balance things out.  And the set-up would be much better for the dogs.  

So still some things to think through, but I am strongly leaning towards moving.  Especially after trying to take my dogs out to pee this morning and being chased back into my house by several unsupervised kids wanting to pet the dogs and who don’t seem to understand when I say “don’t come any closer!”  Argh.  They would have followed me right into the house had I not shut the door in their faces and locked it!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the kids most of the time, but they put my dogs at risk when they do that, and of course that angers me.  Where are their parents?!

So much to think about today, and much to clean.  If I move, I will try and get rid of at least half of my stuff – I feel so weighted down by all the crap I have collected.  I plan to just  move exactly what I want to keep, and get rid of the rest.

I also have a lot of work to do today, plus I work at the library at 4pm, not to mention running the dogs before the sports fields dry out enough for the fair-weather park visitors to start mobbing ‘our’ playground!  So I had better get on with my day.