Just a quick note on Mira.  Yesterday she had the runs horribly and she also peed and pooped several times around the house.  I have to say I was pretty frustrated cleaning up after her, but was also confused: is she sick, or is she having an aggravation from the Sulphur?  Since no one else in the house has shown any sign of being sick, and since nausea and diarrhea are both in the Sulphur profile (not that either is a particularly strong indication as these symptoms can be found in many remedy profiles), I was suspecting she was having an aggravation.  

To further confirm this, I found the following rubrics from the wonderful free homeopathic software Compete Dynamics that I downloaded a few days ago: 

MIND, feces, passes on the floor: cupr, hyos, sulph

MIND, feces, urinating and defecating everywhere, children: SEP, sil, sulph

Both of these rubrics have very small remedy lists, and each one contains Sulphur.  Interestingly I had been considering giving her Hyos next, which is also to be found in the first rubric.  

Today Mira’s digestive system is not only back to normal but she actually went through the day without going to the bathroom in the house for the first time in probably nearly two weeks now.  Hurray!  The Sulphur seemed to have done the trick.  

I am not sure whether Sulphur is really her constitutional remedy, or if it is only acting on this one level of her chronic disease.  It does seem to do wonders for her, yet at the same time her symptoms keep returning when her body comes under stress.  I am not quite sure how to interpret this.  On the one hand, a heat cycle is a very significant stress on a dog’s body.  Everyone’s body has a different pattern of breakdown that it follows when it is under stress.  My body has its patterns that I know all too well these days, what with living with constant stress.  For me, stress causes my adrenal system to go off-line (and who knows what else along with it), leaving me with little energy and a lot of chronic pain and depression (which really sucks!).  Mira, under stress, starts being a bit crazy and vacant mentally, more reactive and starts ‘urinating and defecating everywhere.’  

That she keeps having these symptoms return begs the question: is the remedy actually ‘curing’ her, only to have her body break down again under stress, or is the stress bringing stuff to the surface that never went away to begin with.  I’m not sure.  Actually, it would be a good question to post to my homeopathy group for discussion.

Regardless of what’s going on, Mira seems to be much better today.  Here’s hoping we’re through this latest round of returning symptoms!  On a positive note, each time this happens the symptoms are less intense, which indicates either a stronger life force or a step closer to cure.  Or really, both.