Mira has been holding steady now for three days – hurray!  However, yesterday Kestrel pooped in her crate.  The last two mornings I have had to rush out of the house for much earlier than I am used to (8:15, I know that’s not really that early, but it all depends on what you are used to!).  Anyway, at that time of day every kid in the neighbourhood is out running around, waiting to go to school.  As I’ve mentioned before, they rush up to me with the dogs and want to say hi and so on.  I do like these kids and try and stay as polite and friendly to them as possible.  But when I am rushed it gets difficult, particularly with Mira and Kess who get very stimulated by them and then won’t potty.

So yesterday Kess peed, but she didn’t have a bowel movement.  I had to run out for 3 hours, and hoped she’d be fine until I got home.  Apparently she pooped in her crate about an hour before I got back.  Poor thing had to sit there until I got home and cleaned her up.  This is the first time she’s done that in a very long time.

I cleaned everything up, and took all the dogs for a run and got on with my somewhat reversed day.  I often get frustrated that I can’t keep up with my household chores or with keeping the dogs in a good routine. It is tough being on my own and I know I have more on my plate than I can properly handle.  This is why I have been looking to move to a place with a better set-up, which I have found (again, hurray!).  I will be moving at end of June.  It’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s a nice house with a nice roommate, a small fenced yard and plenty of dog running potential within walking distance.  At least it looks that way.  Fingers crossed!

Furthermore, tomorrow I move out to the sheep farm to sheep and dog sit for the next three weeks.  Plenty of space for the dogs, and real work too.  I can’t wait.  After today, things should really get a lot better for all of us.  

Unfortunately my roommate has had enough.  I guess Mira pooping on the floor several times last week, and then Kess pooping in her crate yesterday, was more than she could handle.  I can’t say that I blame her – I know the dogs are a lot and I expect dog poop on the floor grosses out most people (I don’t even think about it, or vomit or blood or whatever).  But that’s fine.  My house is really too small for two people living separate lives.  It’s really meant for a family or couple.

Other than being out the rent she would have paid, I am looking forward to having the house to myself for one month before moving.  I do love my little house and have put a lot of effort into it.  I have painted the whole thing, top to bottom, planted perennial gardens, and become friends with my neighbours.  I have really made the place home and it will be hard to leave.  But having that month to say good-bye, and to properly sort, pack, and purge (and purge and purge) will give nice closure to my time here.  

 I am a little worried about moving into someone else’s space with the four dogs and two cats.  I have talked to my new roommate about this and she said she is quite sure she is fine with the impending invasion.  Plus she is almost never home, working often 7 days a week on her farm land (10 minutes away).  And I will have almost a separate apartment in the house, giving us a lot of private space in addition to the shared portion.  So hopefully it will work out.  Last night’s announcement by my current roommate has rekindled my concern about being able to live with someone else, except perhaps a life partner who shares a commitment to my animals, and to building a home and life together.  I guess we’ll see…