Just a quick note today as I don’t have much to report. Dogs are doing well, albeit slightly bored. They don’t get much exercise on the weekends these days because the surrounding parks are too full of people for them to be run off-leash. I’m still waiting to hear if we’re sheep sitting later this week and keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime!

Today I spent some time reworking my ‘health’ section, which I have re-labeled “Natural Rearing” (at the top of this page).  My intention is to have this page provide an overview of my philosophy of health, and also provide a place I can put what I think are key blog entries or external links for additional discussion.  The page is still very much under construction, but this is a project I’ve been wanting to undertake for some time, and so made it the first thing I did on summer vacation.  How nice to feel productive only two days into my ‘slack’ time!