I don’t have much to say today, but I wanted to write an entry to get me back into the habit of daily writing.  I’ve just got so many things to do these days that writing has taken the back seat, and that’s not good for someone who writes for a living!  

Today I slept in late, and that meant my whole day was more or less shot.  I took Ross and Kess for a good run, and later took out the other two.  But otherwise I didn’t do anything with the dogs all day.  Fortunately I’m home pretty much full-time now so at least I’m with the dogs while I’m doing other things.  Today I did a fair amount of cleaning and organizing, in part because the house needed it, and in part to prepare for my move.  I have so much crap in this house it’s disgusting!  I must purge  enough to downsize from a two bedroom house to a single, large bedroom.  That’s a lot of purging!  But it will be good to let go of a lot of the stuff that I have, for I really don’t need it anyway. 

The dogs are being really good sports about not getting much brainwork.  They do get exercise every day, and plenty of time with me, but very little training.  I feel horrible about this, and really hope to change.  But until I get this move taken care of, I may not have much time or energy to do anything else but pack and work.  It really sucks to have to go through something like this on your own.  I am feeling particularly sorry for myself tonight because it’s Friday – I always feel sad on Friday nights when I am home alone with no invitations to go out, even though I wouldn’t want to go out anyway.  What happened to my social life?  

Tomorrow I’m going to meet the people who have a sheep farm around 30 minutes from me, and who allow dogs to train at their farm.  They are putting on a sheep shearing and herding demo at the local pioneer village.  I am going to go watch, and then approach them about training at their facility.  It will be 45 minutes from my new house, which is quite far for regular training. But I could do it once a week, depending on price.  

Tonight Mira chewed a battery and punctured it.  The battery leaked acid all over my couch.  I really hope she didn’t swallow any.  I will have to watch her carefully for any sign of kidney damage.  Knowing her, she probably spit it out the second she tasted the acid.  Here’s hoping.