Today I drove out to watch a sheep herding and sheering demonstration, with the intention of finally introducing myself to the farmer putting on the show.  I have been wanting to introduce myself for months now, but have never had a good opportunity.  This was perfect.  There weren’t many people, and I stuck around afterwards and said hi.  He was an extremely nice person, and very happy to talk dogs and sheep.  He was also happy to have me come out to his farm to train.  He said he’d be open to some kind of barter system, such as help on the farm and perhaps training together. 

I’m delighted about this opportunity.  I will be going the weekend after next, after getting back from the clinic.  Fingers crossed it all works out!

Later in the day I took the dogs to our new house to let them sit outside in the fenced yard while I worked on the garden.  I had to work pretty hard reclaiming the garden bed from nature, which had obviously been working her own art with it for years.  But now the weeds are gone, the soil is turned, and my tomatoes, kale and cucumbers are finally in the ground.  I just hope there aren’t any hungry rabbits around – I totally forgot about that since they don’t dare enter my yard here.

After finishing the garden, I packed up the dogs and headed out.  I decided to take a small tour of my new “town” (village?), and ended up down by the beach.  

Wow!  What an incredibly beautiful place I am moving to!  It is very wild, with crashing waves, drift wood everywhere, and huge cliffs that run off into the distance on either side of the small beach.  It’s really quite breath taking.  And it’s like being on the ocean because you can’t see the far side of the lake.  Just water to the horizon, and a constant crash and roar of surf.  

I had no idea such a wild and beautiful place existed in the manicured, industrially farmed region I live in.  What incredible good luck.  Or is it luck?  I already feel a connection with the house and the land around it.  I feel like this was meant to happen.  I’m starting to get excited.  The beach is only about a ten minute walk from my new house, and there’s a tiny café right there as well.  I can already picture myself sitting there and doing my work with a dog or two at my feet (they have outdoor tables).  Then wandering home, puttering in the garden, and napping in the hammock I’m going to set up because there is a post the exact perfect distance from a tree, exactly where a hammock should be set up.  

When I turned the corner and pulled up to the beach, the setting sun broke through the clouds and pained the white crests and spray of the waves orange and gold.  It did the same to the wind farm on the distant cliffs.  I don’t remember the last time I saw something so breathtakingly beautiful.  I tried to take Ross for a walk on the beach, but he was having none of it.  It seems that roaring, crashing surf is not his thing.  He all but dragged me back to the car, so I put him up.  By then the sun and dropped, and the gold light was gone.  I walked a little on my own, then got in the car and drove back here, relaxed and refreshed like I haven’t felt in ages.  

Nature restores me, and soon I’ll be able to walk that beach every day.  I am so very, very grateful.