Oh, Tuesday already!  The days are just melting away of late.  I can’t believe I have exactly two weeks to pack and move my entire life.  I have started on it, but have barely touched the tip of the iceberg.  I’ve driven down to my new house the last two days, mostly bringing garden stuff down.  I’ve done a fair bit of work reclaiming some old garden beds and moving my own garden into them.  Still a lot left to do, however, plus I have to pack and move my whole house!  Mostly I need to purge and downsize, not an easy thing to do.  

I took the dogs with me on Sunday.  First we stopped by the sheep farm where I hope to train.  They have a very nice small field that will be good for working Kess and Mira.  They also have a good size round pen for starting Kess.  I’m not sure about training Hannah there, I’ll have to see how the sheep are.  I will at least be able to work on her close work, which is where I need to focus anyway (i.e. getting her to take commands instantly and precisely.  Hopefully I’ll get out to train in the next 1-2 days and see how things go!

Yesterday I started doing some endurance training with Mira and Hannah.  It was obvious at the clinic that my dogs are not in working condition.  Of course the mental energy expended makes them tire more quickly, but that’s part of not being in working condition.  My dogs can out run and outlast most pets, but at the clinic, they faded quickly.  So time to build up their endurance, especially in summer heat.  

As much as I’m not keen on paying ball with them, I’ve decided that two sessions a week will become part of our routine.  The ball chasing is certainly good for training the sprint, and if I do it up hill that will increase their muscle tone as well.  I am also going to do swimming and biking with them.  That on top of working sheep 2-3 times a week will hopefully make a big improvement.

Speaking of which, I had best get on with my day.  It’s almost noon and the dogs have only been out to pee.  I woke up with a headache and was just not up to exercising them.  I have had headaches nearly every day this week, not unusual for me in the past, but it has been a long time since I’ve had cluster headaches like this.  I’m not sure what’s triggering them, but possibly the stress of the move on top of my already busy schedule.  I kind of feel like I’ve been in final exams for weeks now.  Not fun!  Once moved, I should have a whole lot more free time as I am cleaning and organizing everything as I go, so once set up at the other end, I shouldn’t have any outstanding house projects other than food storage for the winter and tending the garden.  Here’s hoping!