Phew…. moving sucks!  Moving as a single person really sucks as you don’t have anyone committed to the process along with you.  I am very fortunately to have had quite a few friends pitch in, and so things have been much easier than they could have been.  Yet it was still an exhausting ordeal, and is not over yet.

I purged my house as much as I could, tossed and donated anything that I didn’t absolutely love or use daily (and even then got rid of some of those things, like my living room furniture, tv & stand, bed, clothes & some kitchen stuff).  I then moved what I absolutely needed to keep (my research books, books shelves, clothes, freezer & mini fridge for dog food, crates) and what I wanted to keep (a couple of dressers, several wooden chairs, my oak buffet, my butcher block table).  What is left is a house with many boxes of paper and mystery items.  The furniture is all gone, but I still have quite a lot of junk piled around.  My plan is to spend the weekend sorting through all this stuff and tossing absolutely as much as I can, and then moving what remains by Tuesday.

I also have to finish moving my garden, no small feat.  I am currently taking a break from working on that as it’s supposed to rain in the morning.  The rain will make the plants easier to dig up, but I’ve weeded and trimmed around them to facility digging.  My last outdoor task of the day is to disassemble my composter.  Oh joy.

The dogs have been amazing throughout all of this. They went several days in a row with zero exercise.  Today I have yet to take them out, and given that I can barely type, I’m not sure if they’ll get much of a run either.  I feel really bad, but take consolation in knowing that if I take care of all this sorting and organizing, when I move to my new house I will no longer be plagued by a ‘to-do’ list six feet long.  I made  a point of throwing out anything that needed to be fixed, except for a few things that are simple to fix and will be worth having once back in working order.  Just doing that has shortened my ‘to-do’ list tremendously.  Sorting all this paper and so on will take care of most of the rest.  I have been wanting to do this for years now, but who wants to sort through a basement full of boxes you haven’t opened in 10 years?  I supposed I could just toss them as is, but that would take more courage than I have.  The more tired I am, the more ruthless I become my purging, and I’m pretty wiped right now.  So I suspect I’ll be safe going through the boxes.

I had hoped to get back to training this week, but no luck.  The move just wiped me out; that I had to do it in 32’C weather didn’t help.  I really need to take a break for 2-3 days to recover at this point, but that’s not an option. I hate operating like this – my adrenal system has been taxed to it’s limit and so is working very sluggishly (I suffer from chronic adrenal fatigue), meaning that it takes three times as long to do anything as it would if I were feeling energetic.  By this time of day (5pm) I’m pretty much toast.  I think I may lie down for half an hour right now, and see if that perks me up enough to get something done this evening.

Just a closing note, I am soooooo not going to miss the screaming kids in this area.  One of the reasons the dog are locked up so much is that I cannot poke my nose out the door without half a dozen kids charing over, screaming “DOGGGIIIEEEEE.”  Even with us all tucked safely in the house, they are screaming so loudly right now that I cannot hear myself think.  I am so glad to be moving away from all this noise, which starts at 8am and augments steadily until the 5-8:30pm daily scream off.  I long for rain and bad weather, just for the peace and quiet it brings.  How bad is that?  My new house is in a retirement area and all you hear are chirping birds, peeper frogs, and surf.  I can’t wait!