I actually don’t know Ross’s exact birthday, but when I adopted him the date August 12 popped into mind, so that’s the date I chose for him.  I’m fairly certain it’s accurate within a month or so, and given his huge mane and big attitude, I pegged him for a Leo.

Ross is now 7.  Wow.  Where does the time go?!  I can’t believe how quickly the years slip by.  It leaves me with a little clench in my gut, knowing that these wonderful companions of ours only have a limited time with us.  The 14 years I had with Jake went by in a blink of an eye.  And the five years that Ross has lived with me have gone by just as quickly, if not faster!

When I adopted Ross I was told he needed both hips replace and his front leg amputated.  He had horrible skin allergies, chronic ear infections, was hypothyroid, had elevated kidney and liver levels in his bloodwork, and suffered from extreme dog-dog aggression.

I opted to forgo surgery and try and help him in a more holistic way: diet, exercise, chiropractics & homeopathy.  I did have him on thyroid meds for nearly two years, which helped hold him in balance while the rest of his body healed.

Today you wouldn’t recognize him.  At seven he is going strong, happy and healthy, passing for a two year old by most people’s estimates.  His teeth are white, his breath fresh, his coat shiny and soft (although I’m still finding it a bit dryer than I know it can be), his energy and fitness levels high.  I’ve seen dogs people consider retiring, calling them old and past their prime, who are Ross’s age or younger.  The difference is amazing and I attribute it to good nutrition, regular exercise, and the support of healing arts.

Happy birthday sweet boy!!