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I’m long over-due in providing an update on Jack.  I actually haven’t seen Jack in a couple of weeks now, so I can’t report on exactly how he’s doing, but I’ll update the work we’ve been doing on his case.

While Jack was on prednizone, we gave him a couple of doses of remedy B, which I will name here for discussion purposes.  Remedy B was Thuja.  This homeopathic remedy is known to be helpful for ailments that develop after vaccination.  Many vets who dabble in homeopathy commonly give Thuj to animals after a rabies shot (or other vaccines), telling people that it will counter-act any possible side effects.  Please be aware that this is not true.  Thuja can help, but it is absolutely not a guarantee that damage will be eliminated.  Thuja was determined to be helpful for smallpox vaccinations but it’s ability to help mitigate the ill effects of other vaccinations is unknown.  Additionally, the more an animal is damaged by vaccines, the less any remedy is going to work.  So using it as a means of convincing people to continue to vaccinate is a terrible practice in my opinion.

Nevertheless, Thuja is not a bad place to start when you’re dealing with vaccine damage, provided the symptoms you are trying to treat are to be found within the remedy profile.  There are many descriptions of Thuj but here, here, and here are three profiles descriptions to help understand this remedy.

Back to Jack.  He was given a dose of Thuja 30c in solution while on the predinsone.  This was not actually my prescribing but rather his owner taking things into her own hands.  I had suggested holding off on homeopathic treatment while he was on the drugs, but she chose to move forward.  Two things became apparent at that point. First, he developed horrific diarrhea.  I see this is a good thing, his vital force having the strength to violently purge the prednisone from his body.

Second, the sores on his skin cleared up completely, and have not returned to date.  Thuja is indicated for “sores on parts covered” and Jack’s skin lesions were all under his collar.  He’d had them for months, and a single dose of Thuja cleared them up.

We repeated the Thuja a couple of times over the next two weeks with no improvement.  The prednisone did help, but once off it his symptoms started returning.  At this point we tried Remedy C.  We gave Jack one dose of Remedy C, 30c, in solution.  The next day he acted like a puppy.  He was full of beans, feeling strong and able to run about and use all four legs fairly well.  The left hind one was still limped up on, but he was able to navigate stairs and jump on on furniture.

Needless to say we were very pleased to see such an improvement.  He also drank quite a lot of water for the first day, and also started licking at his legs and groin area a lot.  This passed after a day.  Unfortunately, about 3-4 days later, Jack’s weakness in his hind end returned.

We repeated Remedy C and he had the same reaction: dramatic improvement, increased thirst and slight itch (or something) for a day, then three days later a return of symptoms.  This continued for several weeks.  We kept dosing and he kept having the same reaction.

We increased the strength of the dose – going up to 200c – to see if perhaps it would hold longer.  Immediately after the stronger dose, he got much worse.  He slept for a couple of days and started limping a lot.  His owner was very worried, but she was going out of town for 5 days and had to leave Jack with a friend.  Upon her return, she discovered a dog who was doing extremely well, using his hind left leg quite solidly and otherwise looking better than he had since this whole progressive paralysis started.  We were both very excited and feeling optimistic about his long-term prognosis.

When his symptoms returned, which they unfortunately did about a week later, she once again went up in dose.  This was done at the suggestion of a homeopathic pharmacy she stopped in to visit, not at my recommendation.  I have never worked with remedies in such high potencies (IM) and had actually wanted to switch him to LM potencies for fear of aggravation. LM potencies were designed specifically to be given frequently without causing an aggravation.  I had ordered Remedy C in LM01 potency and was waiting for it in the mail when the local pharmacy sold Jack’s owner the IM potency.  She gave it to him (without checking withe me first) and everything went south.

Within a couple of hours Jack took a turn for the worse.  His symptoms came back with a vengeance, leaving him weak and unable to get around.  He fell down stairs and fell flat on his face on the hardwood floor.  He began whimpering while trying to get up, clearly in pain.  In a panic, Jack’s owner tried to antidote the remedy by giving the same remedy in a lower potency.  This just made things even worse.  At this point she called me in a panic, wondering what to do.

I have experienced aggravations both personally and in my animals when I have taken a remedy too often, or of too great a strength.  People think that homeopathy is harmless and that you can just try this and that and if you get it wrong, no harm done. I know the person working at the pharmacy that sold Jack’s mom that strong remedy has that approach.  It is not one that I subscribe to.  The founder of homeopathy was a very strong advocate of using the minimum dose possible.  Giving the vital force too strong a push does indeed cause problems, as we have now seen with Jack.

I told her to do nothing and just let his vital force settle down for a few days.  If it didn’t settle, we would try antidoting it with a remedy that would work well as a follow-up.  I did some research and decided on Sulphur, a remedy that antidoted Remedy C but also suits it well to follow it in cases of paralysis.  Furthermore, Sulphur is often used for cases that are blocked.  I thought this might be the case with Jack and so decided on Sulphur to try and settle things down and move the case forward.  I sent his owner to the pharmacy with the instruction of getting Sulphur 30c.

Unfortunately the person working at the pharmacy told her to give him Thuja, for vaccine reactions.  This is yet another case of a person who believes that Thuja is instantly the remedy to give when vaccines are concerned.  ARGH!!!!  We’ve already been there, made what progress we could with that remedy, and moved on.  Yet Jack’s mom was sent home with Thuj instead of Sulph, and Jack was given a dose of Thuja.

Not surprisingly, nothing improved.  At this point Jack’s mom started to panic and was also facing a very busy week, so she just put him back on the predinsone she had leftover from his prescription.   He’s been on it for the past week and she just finally weaned him off.  I am now trying to rework his case and decide what to give him next.  I still feel the Sulphur is the next step, but I am sure it won’t be curative.  It will hopefully open the case up and allow us to move on.  Time will tell.

I wish I had a less messy case to present, but the realities are that cases are messy and things get complicated.  I am worried about the suppressive effect that the prednisone has on Jack’s vital force – prednisone is specifically used to suppress the immune system.  I believe that is absolutely the worst thing you can do, and I am concerned about the side effects that will come out later from having done this.

In fact, now that I think of it, perhaps Jack’s aggravation from the IM dose was his vital force returning the suppressed symptoms with a vengeance after the first suppression from prednisone.  To give a comparative, I know of cases of eczema that had been suppressed with conventional treatment.  When finally treated homeopathically, it got much, much worse before it got better.  Symptoms are the vital force’s means of trying to get into balance.  If you suppress them, they often come back during homeopathic treatment.  I hadn’t thought of things that way until just now – I so wish I had more knowledge and skill with which to help Jack!  I think we really need to get him on LM potencies so that he won’t have to go through such horrible aggravations as we try and help him towards cure.

Jack is starting back on homeopathic treatment this week.  I will write another update in a little while.

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