Liam, my wonderful feline companion, my dear friend, my familiar, is not well.  He has been sick for over a week now, and I’m getting quite worried.  It started with a cough and some sleepiness, followed by a lot of raspy breathing, rattling in his lungs and snuffling in this sinuses.  There was no discharge at all, despite his efforts to cough and sneeze up the  mucous inside.

That was last weekend.  I gave him a dose of Antimonium Tartaricum, a remedy strongly indicated for respiratory infections where there is “great rattling of mucus but little expectorated.”  The next morning he was much, much better.  His lungs were clear and he started eating again.  However he still had a stuffy nose with periodic episodes of intense sneezing (but with nothing much coming out).  The sneezing fits are now coming much less often and his sinuses seem much clearer now.  So you’d think he’d be getting better.

But he’s not.  He’s sleeping now more than ever, losing weight, and trembling a lot like he’s constantly chilled even though he doesn’t seem to have a fever.  He seems weak and uncoordinated, and is hesitant to jump from surface to surface because he sometimes misses.  He’s dull and foggy and seems to want to do nothing but sleep.

He is eating and drinking and going to the bathroom and there is no visible sign of any infection.  He has no discharges of any sort, eyes and ears are clear, his nose is not running.  Nothing.  No symptoms to hang my hat on, other than the sleeping, trembling, and sneezing without discharge.  This still fits the Ant-tart but I have now given him several doses and have seen no further improvement since the first couple of days.

I have considered taking him to the vet but I know the vet won’t be able to tell me anything that I don’t already know, without doing a whole lot of diagnostics that I can’t afford.  They will want to do bloodwork, which will tell me what?  That he has an infection?  That he has feline leukemia?  That he has cancer?  If he has an infection, he will get better.  If he has either of the others, there’s not much I’ll be able to do for him.  The vet will most likely want to put him on antibiotics – because there’s nothing else they will be able to “do” – but there is no sign of infection so this is unlikely going to help, and most definitely will hinder by damaging his immune system.  As what he is dealing with is most likely viral, he needs his immune system as intact as possible.  Should this picture change and I see something a vet will be able to help me with, I will take him straight away.

For now all I can do right now is keep him warm, fed and hydrated and try and find a homeopathic remedy that will help support his life force as he battles whatever is making him sick.  Cats are excellent self-healers, and I have to put faith in Liam’s ability to heal himself.  I believe I wrote about Evie (my other cat) being sick earlier this year.  She spent about 2 weeks sleeping, then got better and is totally fine now. I never did find out what was wrong, but it’s  irrelevant now.  Here’s hoping that Liam will make a similar recovery.