Just quick note to say that Liam is all better.  I was very worried about him as he was quite sick for 8 solid days, doing nothing but sleeping and having the occasional convulsive sneezing fit.  I tried various homeopathic remedies with little improvement other than the first which cleared up his lungs.

I didn’t take him to the vet because I knew they wouldn’t be able to do anything other than prescribe antibiotics.  He was eating and drinking, so I hoped he’d just get better on his own soon.  In fact he was eating a lot.  So much so that I was a bit worried about cancer – sometimes animals who sleep a lot, eat a lot and lose weight, have cancer.  He was so foggy and dull that I was really wondering what was going on.

But then I decided to cross reference his hunger with cold symptoms in my homeopathy books.  I came up with the rubric: “Coryza (head cold) with ravenous hunger” – for this was listed only one remedy: Hepar Sulphur.

Hepar is a remedy that is strongly indicated for internal infections (abscesses etc.).  I have taken it with great success for a sinus infection and it was the first remedy I had thought of for Liam.  However one of the key symptoms that goes along with Hepar is that the patient doesn’t want to be touched.  As Liam was letting me hold and cuddle him, I ruled the remedy out.  Then my roommate mentioned that Liam fought hard to have her put him down when she tried to pick him up.  That combined with the rubric I mentioned above made me try giving him a dose on Friday night before bed.

Saturday morning Liam was almost completely better.  I was astounded.  He was up and about, acting clear headed and normal.  By Sunday he was completely back to his old self and today was out hunting and chasing squirrels.  I am always amazed by how quickly homeopathy works when you get the right remedy, and am kicking myself for not having tried this remedy sooner.  Live and learn!