I came upstairs to my bedroom this evening to find a nice deposit waiting for me on the bedroom floor.  Again.  This is getting really tiring.  Ok, downright irritating.

I assume that it is Mira who has been pooping on my floor nearly every day this week, considering her past record of similar behaviour.  But I’m not 100% sure.  After all, there are four dogs in the house.  I know for certain that it is not Ross as he’s always at my side, and would never do such a thing anyway.  Except on the rare occasion when suffering from acute diarrhea, Ross has never once soiled in the house.  Hannah is exceptionally clean as well, and tonight was sleeping on her stool in the livingroom while I was working, so I know it wasn’t her.

That leaves Mira or Kestrel, both of whom were in and out of my room this evening while I was downstairs.  Kess has never been one to poop in the house since she’s come to live with us, but it’s not impossible that she’s started.  After all, Mira was in my room all day today, free, and didn’t do anything.  Kess, on the other hand, was in a crate all day. Mira had plenty of chance to poop on the floor during the day, so why would she suddenly do it 30 minutes after I got home, and after she’d been outside?

I hate to jump to conclusions, but that exactly is the sort of thing that Mira does.  This drives me nuts about her. Her little brain has never quite fired right, and despite her immense improvements, she remains a little ‘off.’  Furthermore, Kess and Hannah are both due to come into heat in the next couple of weeks, and Mira went through a similar bought of pooping in the house right before their last heat cycles.  Perhaps Mira is actually intentionally pooping as a form of marking.  She definitely is competition with Kestrel in a way that she isn’t with Hannah.  Perhaps Mira pooped on the floor because I let Kess out.

Who knows?

The only way I’ll know for sure is if I have one of the crated the next time it happens.  That should be easy enough to set up and I will perhaps try it tomorrow.  Once I know which dog is causing the problem, I can take measures to fix it.  I already tried giving Mira her homeopathic remedy – which has resolved this issue in the past – but it doesn’t seem to be working this time. I have long suspected that this remedy is not her true constitutional but simply one that was helping but that would eventually stop working.  So I guess I need to find another that might work.  I’m going to have to put some thought and research into this, which I don’t have time for at the moment, so crating and barricading will be the way to go.  Once I figure out who the culprit is…