Another stretch of days where I am gone all day.  This actually has worked out well this week as I’m keeping Ross quiet for a few days after his injury (no sign of any additional problems) to make sure he’s fully healed before I let him run around with any intensity.  And Kestrel still needs to be kept under lock and key because of her heat cycle.  She’s no longer standing but still smells good to Ross, so I figure she’ll still smell good to some intact male should one come along.  By the weekend everything should be back to normal.

Hopefully that will be true of Mira too.  She’s still being totally goofy.  She has taken to spending all day on my bed and refusing to go outside unless I go with her.  Then she walks around the yard glued to my leg, tripping me.  As soon as I open the door, she bolts inside and runs upstairs as if her life depends on it.  What on earth is going on in this dog’s head?  This weekend I am going to spend some time reviewing homeopathic remedies to see which one would fit best.  A quick search last night using the term “fear of going out of doors” has Lyssin as the most strongly listed remedy.  Lyssin is made from the saliva of a rabid dog – and Mira certainly has plenty of inherited rabies vaccinosis.  I have given her Lyssin in the past and it made a big difference.  Maybe she needs another dose.

It is tricky to find the right homeopathic remedy when you have a subject who can talk.  In dogs, it’s darn near impossible.  I have found that initially I have a lot of success with homeopathy in a new case, but then my ability to find useful remedies drops off.  I think this is because when the life force is really out of balance, many remedies will help push it back towards centre.  As such, a shot-gun approach does seem to work.  But as the life force gets stronger, more precision is needed to make any impact.  I could be totally wrong about this, but that is what I think might be going on.  This would explain why no remedy I have picked for Kestrel has had any significant impact: she’s very balance and so needs little tweaking.  I am going to have to find the exact remedy to have any effect on her.  Mira is much farther out of balance, but she’s much better now than she used to be.  So when if first started treating her, I saw big differences.  Now I don’t.

Rubrics I am considering to find the right remedy for her right now include:

Mind: Fear of going out of doors
Mind: Aversion to going out
Mind: Desire to stay in bed
Mind: Desire to stay in bed, during menses (she’s not in heat but clearly is affected by the hormones as if she were)
Mind: Clinging, children, to mother
Mind: Clinging, children will take hand or part of mother (she holds my pant leg)
Mind: Anxiety, going to bed ameliorates

The problem is, of course, that I don’t really  know why she’s doing the things that she’s doing.  And there’s no way for me to know either (unless I put faith in an animal communicator).  Does she really feel better in bed?  Is she really afraid of going outside, or is it that it is now cold and she doesn’t like to be cold?  I have no idea what is going on in her mind and can only guess.  If I’m lucky, I’ll guess correctly.  Otherwise, the remedy I choose will have no effect (or could even make things worse).  So I’ll need to be fairly sure in my decision before proceeding.  Phosphorus comes up in many of these, and that’s the last remedy I gave her.  Perhaps I’d be best off sticking with that and maybe going up in potency.  It did seem to have helped last time.  Phos is a remedy with plenty of anxiety, and there was no indication of any negative effects when I gave her a dose.  Still,  I need to do more reading and decide.

I could just let her be neurotic, but it is irritating and also causes problem.  Two nights ago, she pooped on the floor again.  Now, I am certain that the last few episodes were Kestrel, but I’ve fixed that issue by making sure she gets out long enough – and without distractions such as a ball or other dogs or cats to herd – that she takes care of all business after a long day in the crate.  Two nights ago I am certain it was Mira.  Then last night, before bed, she refused to go out to potty.  It was pouring rain and I didn’t feel like standing out in the rain in my pj’s so I let her stay in.  Then, at 1am, she woke me up to go out.  She likely would have pottied on the floor if I hadn’t gotten up.  So I put her in a crate and she had to hold it until I got up in the morning.  Cruel?  Perhaps.  But , I refuse to put up with this behaviour in a 3 year old dog who is perfectly healthy (physically) and well house trained.  So in a crate she sat, and this morning she was happy to go out with the other dogs.  Maybe I just need to reprogram her patterns.

I’ll keep you posted…